the labrador is a loving well-known breed perfect as family companions or even hunting companions in today’s video we’ll be comparing the strong and playful breed with the well-known and much-loved cockapoo an increasingly popular little pop with a big personality.
to star with these two breeds their similarities and their differences firstly let’s take a look at the breeds histories the labrador retriever originated from the island of newfoundland off canada they were originally called saint john’s dogs after the capital city of newfoundland .

the labradors worked as companions and helpers to the local fishermen in the 1700s which involve retrieving fish from the waters that escaped hooks and towing in lines the labs were not only working dogs for these fishermen but they were also their family pets and so would go home to their homes after each long working day the heritage of the lab is unknown but it’s thought that the saint john’s dog was interbred with a new family dog and other local smaller water dogs english sportsmen recognised the dog’s usefulness and athletic build and began using the breeders hunting companions the breed was recognised by the kennel club in england in 1903. it’s believed that the first breeding to develop .

the cockapoo may have been an accident but a litter of puppies that were intelligent had low shedding poodle coats easygoing and loving personalities of the cocker spaniel were most definitely well received they’re known as a designer breed as being a mixture of the poodle and the cocker spaniel they’ve been a popular family companion for many years and have increased in popularity since the 1960s once the pops became more and more well-known some breeders wanted to make the cockapoo a purebred dog and use multi-generational crossing but other breeders preferred the poodle and the cocker spaniel cross this meant that the cockapoo clubs were formed but they were unaffiliated due to their differing views and methods many cockapoo enthusiasts and breeders say with responsible breeders and national clubs that the cockapoo could be on its way to becoming more than just a designer breed labrador males stand at 22 and a half to 24.5 inches weighing between 65 and 80 pounds whilst female labs stand between 21 and a half to 23 and a half inches and weigh 55 to 70 pounds .

the labradors coat is a silky and easy to look after co of two layers a short thick and straight top coat and a water resistant undercoat which aids them in their love for swimming hey guys i wanted to very quickly let you know if you’re not already that you should absolutely be following us over on instagram there’ll be links down in the description box below but we’ve got multiple instagrams one for fenrir our company where you can see all of the awesome things that we’re doing over there you could follow me personally over on instagram or maybe come and check out our journey with our 12 week old english mastiff puppy eileen either way can’t wait to see you over there .

the cockapoo can come in four different sizes the teacup toy the toy cockapoo the miniature cockapoo and the standard or maxi cockapoo the smallest size the teacup toy cockapoo is usually less than six pounds in weight and less than 10 inches in height whereas the largest size the standard or maxi cockapoo weighs more than 19 pounds and is at least 15 inches tall at the shoulder they have a single long coat ranging from straight hair to loose curls they can be found in a vast amount of colour combinations that are seen in both the poodle and the cocker spaniel the cockapoo like the majority of dogs can be more prone to certain health conditions including cataracts joint issues hip dysplasia allergies liver disease and ear infections .

the labrador is also prone to different health conditions including hip and elbow dysplasia bone conditions eye problems epilepsy heart defects muscle and nervous system issues bloat skin conditions ear infections and cold tail the labrador is known for being a kind natured dog who’s eager to please their owners their friendly and outgoing personalities make them perfect pops for families with children and other pets labradors need physical and mental activities to keep them happy and to prevent any destructive behaviors from developing due to stored up energy or boredom as with all dogs temperaments can vary greatly in a breed and the lab is no different one labrador may have a higher required activity level in comparison to another lab that’s much more laid back but they still or will most certainly thrive on activity temperament is largely influenced by lots of different factors and this is something you need to be aware of in preparation when looking into getting a puppy .

labradors are in the top 10 most intelligent canines in the world and this along with their eagerness to please makes them very easily trainable due to their large amount of energy and outgoing personality training is crucial with this pop in order for you to be seen as the calm consistent canine leader in your home the cockapoo is an intelligent little pup that’s been established as a companion dog they’re friendly and lively dogs with a very outgoing and big personality that will tend to get along with everyone obviously you’ll need to socialize your cockapoo pup from an early age in order for them to grow into a confident and well-rounded adult dog they can be both super active and enjoy cooling up with their family companions cockapoos have the intelligence of the regal poodle and the sweet nature of the cocker spaniel making them for a stunning little pop .



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