LABRADOR RETRIEVER! 5 Incredible Facts About The Labrador!

in today’s article we’re going to break down five incredible facts about the glorious Labrador Retriever .
we’re going to break down five incredible and interesting facts about one of the world’s most trainable dog breeds and we’ll start our list to the fact at the number five position which is just about how popular this dog is now we’ll discuss a bit more about why that is later but they’re so popular that they are America’s favorite dog breed topping all of us in terms of popularity but if they’re the most popular breed in America do you know how popular they are here in the UK well they are not the most popular breed in the country here but they are still incredibly popular being the third most popular breed here in England.

so a fact at number four is even though their name is Labrador they weren’t actually bred on the island of Labrador they were actually bad on Newfoundland but regardless of where they were bred they were bred to be the world’s greatest water dog they have an amazing water-resistant double coat allows them to stay warm even in incredibly cold waters however it’s still short enough where it doesn’t weigh them down when swimming they have webbed toes that give them more friction in the water to swim faster and with less energy and lastly they have incredibly thick and strong tails that act as rudders in the water these skills were all combined and used by fishermen who use the dogs to bring in Nets pull ropes between boats and even recover escaped fish so we just talked about the misleading confusion around their names .

a fact at number three is going to let us take a closer look at where this mistake may have come from so this is a little bit murky and we have to piece a few things together to create this fear but many people think the Earl of moles burry was responsible for the mistake it’s believed that he brought these dogs back with him to England after visiting Canada and when he got back he referred to them as the Labrador dogs historians think this mistake occurred as English people commonly lumped these areas together as the same territory and called the whole area Labrador now that’s the story that I like to go with however some people think the name is much simpler and based on the fact that they would have been commonly seen swimming in the Labrador sea now.

my facts at number two is a pretty cool one and it’s one that many new fans to the breed don’t actually realize and that’s that any litter can have any combination of all three colors these colors being yellow black and chocolate so it doesn’t matter what the parents color is the litters can be born any color and any combination of colors so if you’re dead set on a certain color don’t think that just because both parents are that color that you’re guaranteed a litter of that color for you to choose from now before we dive into our last fact I want to thank you if you are still here with us and if you are make sure you drop us a comment in the comment section below to say hello now if you didn’t know I’ve created a lot of online resources and I’m honored to have been able to help thousands of people become high-level canine leaders that can raise perfect Labrador companions now if you’re thinking of getting a new Labrador or maybe you’ve just got one then I highly suggest you check our ultimate Labrador owners guide now if you are interested in it you can go and look at some of the testimonials from our thousands of very happy clients and see if it’s something that could be as life-changing for you and your dog as it was for them and theirs.

the fact I have it number one spot isn’t simply how intelligent and trainable these dogs are but what roles that that intelligence has been put to use in now labs are truly wonder dogs capable of changing so many people’s lives in so many different ways labs are the most commonly used breed for working as guide dogs they are also seen working in search and rescue various hunting companionship roles to feed their families a bomb and narcotic detection and even been trained to detect cancer early on in humans now versatility doesn’t even come close to describing the wonders of this dog breed and it’s why rightly so they take their spot as the most popular breed in the States .

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