the labrador is a loving well-known breed perfect as family companions or even hunting companions they are very sociable dogs that love being with their human companions you may be getting a new puppy and not quite sure the exact things you need or how to prepare so in today’s video i’m going to share with you the things you’ll need and how to set yourself up for success as a calm and consistent canine leader.

so first and foremost what we think is the most important thing to do before you pick up your new puppy from your breeder is to have a specific training program ready here at fenwick we believe the single most important thing to do when you’re preparing for any new dog whether that be a puppy or whether it’s an adult dog the moment you pick your new dog up that is when the training starts dogs are intelligent animals and pick up and learn new behaviors quickly we want these behaviors to be positive and not any bad habits that develop further into major behavioral issues which can become that bit more difficult to train when your dog is becoming an adult having a specific regime in mind and ready to implement from the second you have your pup is super important it’s so essential that you take time to research training ways before you bring your dog home because the moment you pick them up you begin to train them and if you’re unprepared and not sure how to train them then they can easily learn bad habits like i mentioned before the next thing that you’ll need to be prepared for is feeding your dog and keeping them hydrated with fresh clean water depending on the breed of dog that you have the feeding can vary the breeder may also have recommendations for you so do not be afraid to ask they’ll be happy to answer your questions about anything regarding your puppy.

they are after all wanting the best for their pups there are many different foods and diet types that you can give your puppy but what we recommend is that it’s high quality and grain free food that is high in the required nutrients that your dog needs to keep them happy and healthy again it’s important to research into this before getting your dog to understand how feeding a puppy is different to feeding an adult dog your puppy will eat more regularly than an adult dog most adult dogs will have two meals a day whereas puppies tend to have a few spread throughout the day it’s essential you read packaging carefully and give your puppy the recommended amounts for their size and age now for beds and crates for your puppy we recommend from experience that you get a bed which is comfortable for them but sturdy and well built because puppies chew due to teething mostly your puppy will want to chew and having a bed which is reliable and well built can reduce the chances of you having to keep buying them a new bed after they chew the last one to pieces be sure to get a bed that size relevant to your dog.

the labrador grows into a larger adult dog but obviously as a puppy does not need a bed that size some great companies include scruffs and tuffys for beds tuffy’s do a travel bed which is very good for large breeds as you can use it as a bed that grows with your dog due to the ability to extend it plus it’s very helpful for traveling when looking for a bed for your pup you should look for excellent quality and comfort which can be found at an affordable price the use of puppy gates pens and crates is under debate between different dog owners but it is your decision at the end of the day crates can be incredibly helpful when training your dog when they’re used in a positive way if you use the crate negatively like as a place of punishment then it can make training really difficult and may cause problems for your dog such as fear and anxiety however using it in a positive way can hugely benefit the training of your dog it should be a den-like place for your dog where they feel safe and secure which will help with separation anxiety and also with toilet training your puppy you can start with a small crate for your puppy or you can buy one that will fit them when they’re an adult dog but you’ll need to use dividers in one of the larger sizes otherwise toilet training is not really possible as your pup may use one end of the crate to sleep and the other to do their business now for leads collars harnesses and all things related for walking your dog there’s a lot of debate surrounding what is the best thing to use for your dog and at what age you should use them but through lots of research and discussion with professionals alongside a training regime you can find the best one for you and your pup at fenrir training is command based and we want our dog to look at us a calm and consistent leader for guidance and with respect there should be good communication to your dog and from your dog to you starting training with your puppy you’ll need to get them used to having something on their neck and so begin with a simple slip lead that is a great place to start toilet training can take a bit of time depending on your breed but what you definitely need is a lot of poo bags puppies poo a lot and you need to be prepared to pick them up i recommend looking for biodegradable poo bags as this is a way that dog owners can look after the planet and prevent plastic bags from damaging the environment you can begin training your dog to go outside to the toilet straight away or you can use puppy pads which can be helpful if you’re out at all in the day but they can sometimes cause confusion for your puppy so please be aware of this toys and training aids are the next thing you’ll need to get sorted for your puppy’s arrival certain toys can be really great for teething training redirecting them from chewing furniture and also provide mental stimulation as a whole the kong standard is a must-have for all dog owners and it’s as as it’s sturdy and excellent quality toys it can be great for toilet training and for combating separation anxiety the toys that are a bit more expensive will be higher quality and this means that they last much longer than cheaper toys due to the materials that they’re made of dog puzzles are pretty new to the market but they’re a fantastic way to provide mental stimulation for your dog with varying levels of difficulty that can be done with or without you around they’re fun and entertaining and a great way to combat separation anxiety finally grooming products the grooming products you get depend on the breed and the demand they have for grooming .
the labrador’s not very demanding on the grooming side of things but will need to be brushed regularly to remove loose hairs and dirt from their coat and will need to be bathed for a proper clean at least every month plus getting good quality dog shampoo that is sensitive and gentle on your dog’s skin is really important you can also get products for cleaning your dog’s teeth including toothpaste and dentistics your vet will help you with the worming and flea treatments for your puppy and you’ll need to attend puppy checkups and get any outstanding vaccinations.

labradors need mental and physical activities to help keep them happy and prevent any destructive behaviors developing due to stored up energy or boredom as with all dogs temperament can vary greatly in the breed and the lab is no different one labrador may have a higher required activity level in comparison to another lab that is much that is much more laid back but they still all will most certainly thrive on activity .

labradors are the top 10 most intelligent canines in the world and this along with their eagerness to please makes them very easily trainable due to the large amount of energy and outgoing personality training is crucial with your pup in order for them to see you as a calm and consistent canine leader in your home i highly recommend going through this channel and watching previous videos to find out even more about your new puppy and the breed in general it’s super important to be prepared and to understand the breed that you’re going to be bringing into your home be as prepared as you can be an incredible canine leader and take it seriously but also enjoy the puppy stage because they grow up very fast .

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