are you having some really serious issues with your labrador because they’re resource guarding all the time and you just have no idea what to do about it well don’t worry we’ve got the article for you.

the labrador is a wonderful dog however if they’re resource guarding all the time that can be a really serious issue so today we’re going to be tuning into a webinar the canine behaviorist and founder of fenrir known will has recorded all about resource guarding and how to deal with that situation so over to you.

so in this quickfire webinar let’s talk about resource guarding now if you’re interested in potentially moving into a career or as a canine behaviorist or you’re an owner that has a dog that is suffering from resource guarding it is an incredibly difficult behavior to find a way to address overcome and move forward from and like i say if you’re going to go into the realms of working in this field and helping clients with those difficulties you are going to find that resource guarding is going to be a very common behavior problem that you’re going to have to be addressing now these mini webinars aren’t designed to go into depth of modification and rehabilitation programs for these quite complex canine behaviors now when it comes to resource guarding i could do week-long seminars dedicated to resource guarding alone so i’m going to try and do is condense all of that down into a few minutes to give you the feet view of this kind of problem now for me resource guarding is absolutely the canary down the mine of much bigger problems are either already happening or are going to happen and it’s one of those things.

i like to get on top of as quickly as possible the second resource guarding starts to become an issue now if you’ve been around fenrir for any amount of time or seen any of our training principles theories or methodologies you’ll understand that the number one priority that we always discuss is around calm consistent leadership from yourself as the canine owner to build that wonderful relationship with your dog that then opens up communication pathways resource guarding for me is a very clear indicator that that calm consistent leadership is not there a dog in a loving trusting relationship with an owner who it impeccably sees as its calm consistent leader would not dare envision to guard any of his resources because that dog would more than understand that those resources belong to its calm consistent leader in order to gain access to those valuable resources that it deems worthy of guarding what it actually needs to do is sit be calm patient well-mannered and display desirable behaviors and that is how they gain access to those desirable items that they deem it necessary to guard in the first place then building up on top of that relationship and that very clear understanding from the canine psychological point of view they would then never dream of guarding that from their leader and if their leader came in and decided that they wanted to take that food or that toy or that comfortable place on the sofa they would have absolutely no issues in giving up that resource to their leader now that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going into the realms of dominance and that we need to beat our dogs into submission to achieve that by no means whatsoever but a dog that doesn’t resource guard is a dog that has a relationship built on trust and leadership from its owner that will be a relationship based on love and calm consistent guidance from its owner an owner who knows how to be a calm consistent leader and who can enforce those rules boundaries and expectations implicitly.

now when it comes to resource guarding there is a few behavior modification or rehabilitation things that we can come in and do some quite quick kind of corrections and modifications of those behaviors but it doesn’t really address the root cause of where the behavior comes from now with some of the cases that i work on we might be looking at a dog that is due for euthanasia that day so we have to jump straight in and be able to correct those behaviors quite quickly when we’re working with owners that are facing resource guarding as a problem we usually have more time now that is why i developed my bootcamp program the boot camp program has been used by thousands of people now and is used for a wide variety of different behavior problems because it’s built on the foundation of being able to help the leader become a high level canine leader or the owner sorry to become a high-level canine leader restructure that relationship with their dog to then be able to open up those communication pathways that have been missing so they haven’t been able to tell the dog what they do want nor what they don’t want from the dog and in this case resource guarding so i always think that absolutely the priority to fix resource guarding is around restructuring the relationship now again we can talk for hours and days on that topic alone.

will just disappear on its own and for that one time out of ten that’s left you have a much much better communication pathway where you can very quickly easily and without severe physical corrections you can address resource guarding and make it very clear to your dog that that is not an acceptable behavior you can then redirect them to the desired acceptable behavior of sitting quietly with good manners waiting to gain access to that resource rather than trying to guard it in the first place and you’ll quickly have a dog that seeks to display those desirable behaviors rather than the undesirable one so that was a very quick fire breakdown of resource guarding to give you like i say that 30 000 feet overview of the topic in some of our other projects we’re going to go into much much much more detail of the intricacies and the finesse of resource guarding but if you have it yourself or a client does it’s that canary down the mine it’s that initial warning sign that there is a problem with the relationship and that must be addressed through restructuring the relationship by first of all becoming a calm consistent leader so i hope you enjoyed the video and i hope you found it helpful there you have it guys some really useful tips and tricks that you can put into practice straight away with your labrador to stop them from resource .