is your labrador starting to play quite roughly and you’re not really sure what to do about it well don’t worry we’ve got the article for you .

the labrador is a wonderful breed and very trainable if they are starting to play rough though that is something you definitely want to sort out so today we’re going to be tuning in to a webinar the canine behaviorist and founder of fenrir has recorded all about dogs that are playing rough and how to deal with that situation so over to you will so here we’ve got a quick fire webinar for my thoughts and opinions on rough playing with dogs rough housing dogs playing rough with each other dogs playing rough with humans just what are my kind of theories thoughts and principles on these kind of issues whether you’re looking at working in the profession like myself as behaviourist or a dog trainer or maybe you’re just an inquisitive owner and you really want to understand from a little bit of a high level perspective of what these kind of behaviors mean and how you should think about them now .

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