Everything You NEED TO KNOW About The LABRADOR!

        the labrador retriever is an absolutely incredible breed and one of the most popular breeds globally they make a remarkable addition to the family due to their loving and gentle nature alongside of their playful personality in today's article i'll be sharing with you the key facts that you should know about this athletic and family orientated breed particularly if you're looking into getting one or just recently got your labrador poppy.

            so let's dive into today's article  and find out the significant and key facts about the labrador retriever as i've already mentioned the labrador is an extremely popular breed due to its friendly playful and family orientated nature they're also commonly used as a working dog in the hunting environment retrieving game for hunters they're good-natured and loving dogs perfect for families as they're great with children and long for companionship not only does the labrador have a loving personality but they have become extremely popular for their appearance most people know of the andrex puppy who just happens to be a labrador retriever puppy they have a very adorable appearance making them even more popular they have a smooth silky coat which consists of two layers a short thick and straight top coat and a soft water resistant undercoat this double layer protects the dog from the cold and water which enabled them to be great hunting companions and definitely explains their love of swimming labs come in three main variations of coat colour which are chocolate black and yellow yellow labs have become increasingly popular over the years and a couple of variations of this yellow colour known as polar white and fox red have become very sought after labradors are heavy pretty heavy shedders which is something to be aware of when looking into getting a dog if you're not somebody who could deal with finding their hair pretty much everywhere their coat however doesn't require a large amount of grooming but in order to reduce how much hair you find around your home you would brush them daily to remove any loose hairs.

     the last one of the labrador retriever ranges from 10 to 12 years as with all dog breeds they can be more prone to particular health conditions which is incredibly important to be aware of before bringing your lab into your home for this breed you should expect to see health clearances from the breeder from which have been completed by certified schemes there are many health tests available in order to understand potential risks and the level of said risks including hip and alba dysplasia eye schemes and many others regarding the specific health conditions that this breed is prone to certain health conditions that labradors are more prone to include hip and allergy dysplasia bone conditions cataracts epilepsy eye diseases heart defects muscular conditions skin conditions bacterial infections in the tail and tail and ear infections being aware of these prior to getting a dog is significantly important since as an owner you need to be able to care for your dog in the way that they require which could mean some large vet bills male labradors are around 56 to 61 centimeters at the highest point of the shoulder and females tend to be between 56 to 61 as well however the two differ in weight with males weighing around they're well built on strong dogs with a very athletic build so they need a large amount of exercise which should be a combination of daily walks and runs with plenty of play time and mental stimulation their large amount of energy needs to be released to prevent any bad habits and behaviors from developing .

      labs are commonly known to become easily obese if not exercised and fed properly so they need appropriate levels to stay fit and healthy labs need a minimum of two hours exercise a day they are a very loving dog and thrive off their human's attention and if they are left alone for too long they can become very distressed and develop destructive behaviors a key fact to know about the labrador retriever is that they are a pedigree breed recognised by the kennel club in england as part of the gundog group this definitely explains their need for exercises gun dogs are working dogs that spends hours and hours in a day retrieving and working hard fulfilled roles that they're given commonly the average price for a kennel club registered dog is around 780 pounds but can also be a lot more depending on the breeder the labrador retriever is an extremely impressive breed with lots of amazing qualities but do make sure that before getting a pop that you know all the key facts regarding the breed that you're looking into and make sure that you're able to care for them in any way that they may need.