are you possibly considering adding a labrador to your home are you interested in how they interact with other dogs kids or small animals before making that decision. well don’t worry because that’s exactly what i’m going to help you with in today’s article.

we’ll take a closer look into the labrador’s behavior around other dogs small animals and kids and we’ll start off with the dogs that the labrador might live with now labs are friendly and exuberant and this isn’t just towards humans but two other canines lads tend to do very well with other dogs and they love to play they even do well with small dogs though even though the lab has a sunny disposition and gets along with others they do still require a high-level canine leader that they can take cues from good socialization from a young age and a really good exercise regime are absolute priorities this is because sometimes the lab can be a little bit too friendly and too playful which a much more reserved dog might not appreciate or might even cause injury to a smaller dog by accident just because of how rambunctious their play can be.

so then what about dogs that they don’t live with well labs make quick friends and this isn’t exclusive to the dogs that they live with they tend to hit it off with dogs that they don’t know as well equipped hi how are you is all it can take before a lab and their new canine pal are bounding off to play together as bffs though again caution should be taken around unknown dogs to make sure the lab is not being too pushy with another dog that doesn’t share their excitement about that new meeting so then what about with small animals well despite being a hunting breed labradors can also thrive with small animals the breed can be successful around cats livestock rabbits and pretty much anything though socialization is still critical as the lab’s boundless energy can sometimes cause injury even if their intent is just to have some fun with the other animal which takes us on to probably one of the most important areas and that’s how they are with children now the labrador can be fantastic around children they can be easy going around the small humans and take everything in their stride they are stable and most can even put up with some of the annoyances that come with children in their stride however even a breeders relaxed and as friendly as a lab should never be left unsupervised with children especially young ones the lab just doesn’t excel with kids in their household but also other children lastly you probably guess it was coming that labs can sometimes get a little too excited around kids as well and then they accidentally jump on them or topple them over which is why even as an incredible dog breed a friendly lovable sociable one it’s still so important to put firm rules boundaries and expectations in place for your labrador to keep themselves other animals other dogs and other children safe in their company.