Behavior Training


are you training your labrador and you’re not really sure how to get them to stay well this is the perfect article for you.

so over to you will so teaching a dog to stay is one of my absolutely impeccable manners-based obedience tricks as it were when i help people with my perfect puppy coursing training dogs one of my mandatory obedience things is a really good stay now stay can feel a little bit more difficult to teach we go into it at length over on my perfect puppy course but i wanted to give you kind of the foundations and principles behind how we teach uh dog to stay in this quickfire webinar now with most obedience tricks we can usually utilize a law based approach so we can get something that the dog’s interested in i teach it with a piece of food some people will teach it with a luring stick or marker and we lure the dog into the position that we want them to be in then when they’re in that position we then mark it with our verbal cue and then we positively reinforce that behavior and we repeat that and we drill that and we can start to build on top of that and that teaches the behavior or the trick that we’re trying to teach our dog it’s a little bit different with stay because we can’t necessarily lure them into a stay so because we’ve already taught the dog a rock solid sit we can build stay on top of that by free shaping the behavior what that means is that we teach the dog the sit and we put them into the sit position then we use our verbal marker first of stay and we ask for a very short period of time of the dogs remaining in the sit behavior.

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